365 Photo Challenge: Weeks 10 & 11

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Day 65: “Dwell on the beauty in life.  Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them”

Day 66: Always nice to come home to this pretty girl after an annoying and long day of work. 

Day 67: Insanely windy day! It ripped off my front porch railing and broke the front door but all I wanted to do was comfort my fat girl. She determined my butt was the safest place 🙂

Day 68: “I cannot stop this sickness taking over, it takes control and drags me into nowhere”

Day 69: “Moon dust in your lungs, stars in your eyes. You are a child of cosmos, ruler of the skies”

Day 70: Caleb killing it at his basketball game. This was my first time shooting basketball and was an interesting experience. Pretty happy with the turnout though.

Day 71: Anddd your Proving Ground Season 2 winners are…….


Day 72: Popped so hard when HBK appeared out of nowhere on Monday Night Raw live in Detroit. I almost fell over the balcony 😉

Day 73: Willow doesn’t like it when I work nights…

Day 74: “Go now precious whispers, float my sorrows into the sea. Let the waves collapse above me, and wash away my fucking memory”

Day 75: Editing every day after working since 6am got me like…

Day 76: Pretending that I care about St. Patrick’s Day in order to get more tips…it didn’t work -_- Still adorable though.

Day 77: It was an absolute honor and a dream come true for my little fangirl heart to photograph PJ Black at XICW Best In Detroit 19. Thanks to Ross, I was able to do a one-on-one photoshoot post show. So stoked on how these turned out 🙂

Day 78: Willow hates when the weekend ends…

I’m pretty excited with the progress my self portraits are making. I used to hate taking them and thought they were boring. Now I use them as a tool to channel my depression and anxiety in a positive outlet rather than a destructive one. That makes me happy and eases my burden. I know there are a lot of phone photos in these sets but I have been editing wrestling photos for 2 weeks straight about 5-7+ hours a day on top of working since 6am. These upcoming weeks will be better.

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