365 Photo Challenge: Weeks 12, 13 & 14

Day 79: Happy Spring 🙂

Day 80: Legless cat loaf…time to take her for a drag.

Day 81: Witness the fitness…killing it at the gym

Day 82: Throwbackkkk

Day 83: Bad boy Bory escaped for 10 hours and came back all muddy 😛

Day 84: Still stoked on shooting PJ Black

Day 85: Finally, a relaxing day off with this fat girl 🙂

I’d like to call this week the week of vanity 😀 You’ll see why…

Day 86: Go out, go out I beg of you. Taste the beauty of the wild. Behold the miracle of Earth with all the wonder of a child.

Day 87: Freshhhh cut lawn!

Day 88: Love a mind cleansing workout…

Day 89: Back in blue. Tried a new brand of dye this time and I’m still unsure if I’d purchase it again. I miss my hair smelling like grapes!

Day 90: I love blue

Day 91: I spent an amazing day with Mom on a peaceful 6 mile hike in the woods. It was such a good time that was way overdue. I sat on this bench and just engaged all of my senses in the wonders of nature.

Day 92: Stop what you are doing. Go outside and breathe. The world will not end if you take 10 minutes to yourself.


Day 93: Forever missing you my fatty.

Day 94: Happy World Rat day

Day 95: Whenever my soul needs cleansing, I turn to nature.

Day 96: Throwback to me and my fatty. We slept together every night of his life.

Day 97: Feel good burn

Day 98: It comes in waves, I close my eyes, hold my breath and let it bury me

Day 99: Hahahahaha crybaby bitch :’D

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