365 Photo Challenge: Weeks 25, 26, 27 & 28

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Yikes, I have been quite the slacker on my site and photography in general.  I’ve been going through a slump in life in general and haven’t been very inspired.  That is indeed an excuse but it’s all I’ve got.  I feel the love for my art again today so I’m tackling the catch up game of these posts!  This will be a LONG post so beware of slow loading and lag.  Here we go…..


Day 170:  Now the dark begins to rise, save your breath it’s far from over…

Day 171: Willow’s face when I told her I had to leave for work 🙂

Day 172: Come get lost with me and forget the rest

Day 173: Bleak, just how I like it. Also, I have the coolest tank top ever…

Day 174: Went canoeing in gator infested waters…it was a very thrilling adventure. We got stuck on a fallen tree and a nice southern couple helped us get free! I wish more people were that kind. The gators’ eyes were so cold and dead.

Day 175: Enjoying the Florida sun…(mostly enjoying the clouds and trees but you get the point)

Day 176: Months ago, my Mom was on the phone with my grandma, telling her of how we were going to come to Florida and see her. They started talking about the ocean and my grandma expressed that she would love to see the ocean again so I told her that I promised I would take her to the ocean when we came….and I did.


Day 177: ~So onto the ocean and into the sea, so balanced and calm now, that’s where I will be~

Day 178: Take me back to the skies, where there are no problems or responsibilities. Coming home from vacation sucks!

Day 179: Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me burn.

Day 180: Solitude has seven skins…nothing gets through anymore.

Day 181: Rob Zombie = perfect work out music \m/

Day 182: My fluffball of happiness!

Day 183: I am the goat whisperer…


Day 184: Happy National Ambrose day<3<3<3

Day 185: ~Each fairy breath of summer, as it blows with loveliness, inspires the blushing rose~ I felt so connected with the Earth and felt the enchantment from this fairy sky.

Day 186: Welcome to the herd Skull Cow.

Day 187: The Witness Trees. Inspired by the Stone Sour song…look it up.

Day 188: I’m waiting to experience new colors. It’s been grey for a while now. This photo took me over 2 hours to capture. It was so worth it in the end.

Day 189: Handsome stud

Day 190: Killin’ it as per usual


Day 191: The sky is a wonderful thing

Day 192: Nature never did betray the heart that loved her

Day 193: I hoped there would be stars…

Day 194: Throwback to Morgan and I looking fancy after the only dance I attended in 9th grade haha

Day 195: Nova enjoying her crackers

Day 196: My nephews are the cutest<3

Day 197: Squad! Cassh us outside

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