365 Photo Challenge: Weeks 29 & 30

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Day 198: Storms in bed. Ghosts in us. This is one of my favorite self portraits ever and an accurate representation of what my depressive state feels like.

Day 199: I may be a bird whisperer also…

Day 200: the only day I’ve allowed myself to skip for personal reasons.

Day 201: This has ranked as one of the worst days in my life. I never thought I’d have to deal with losing Chester so young and in the way we all did. Depression is a real thing people. Don’t ignore the depressed people in your life, you never know what someone is dealing with internally. Even a simple message can brighten a person’s day. I love you Chester, I’ll see you again someday. Here is a funny exchange we had on Twitter back when he first joined Twitter.

Day 202: It’s my besties birthday<3 I love to spend time with my Mom and our favorite thing to do is to explore nature. So of course that's what we did for her birthday! We went to a few places but of course had to come back to our prehistoric forest<3

Day 203: My dear, we are all made of water. It is okay to rage, sometimes. It is okay to rest…to recede.

Day 204: Sunday views :3


Day 205: Place the pennies on my eyes…I’ll sleep with the stars tonight

Day 206: Enjoy it. Because it’s happening.

Day 207: Forever apart of me, just how it should be.

Day 208: Car rides with the windows down and the music up are the best.

Day 209: All hail the Dovah!

Day 210: Attack at the Yackkkkkkk. The calm before the storm

Day 211: Purple Vision

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    Talented and beautiful! Keep up the wonderful work!

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