365 Photo Challenge: Weeks 8 & 9

As this photo challenge rolls on, I have found that my self portraits are vastly improving and I am more comfortable with taking and posting myself. That makes this photo challenge worth it already! I have never been a fan of shooting portraits and now I am finding them to be fun and a new challenge.

Day 51: Just a girl and her cat

Day 52: On the road to nowhere

Day 53: Rip his head right off

Day 54: Tried sushi for the first time and it was bomb! I’ve already went back and gotten more since then! Yay new food adventures

Day 55: *insert my pounding heart and shaking hands here* <3<3<3<3

End fangirling here…

Day 56:

Day 57: Do not tread these haunted waters


Day 58: Willow is giving me the eye…

Day 59: Feel the warmth of my glow

Day 60: New shirt swag 😉

Day 61: In honor of my 1000th instagram post, I had to post my baby! He was always my first for everything. First photo with new lenses, flash etc. I love that asshole and miss him and his sassy shit.


Day 62: Soul escaping; demons dancing

Day 63: Fat bitch

Day 64: I am ecstatic with how this photo turned out. It took over 2 hours to edit and get it to come together but I love it.

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