Birthday Vacation: Day 1

Right now I am in the backseat of the car riding through the amazing wonders of the Upper Peninsula. It amazes me how vastly different it is from where I live in the Lower Peninsula. It is so much more peaceful and serene, its where I belong. I am so excited to be on a vacation finally, I am lonnnng overdue so let’s begin.

Yesterday was my birthday and I had an amazing time at home before we headed out on the road. I received the coolest gifts ever. I loved them all.


As usual I passed out like the dead on the way up. Mom did wake me to see the crazy amount of fog on the Mackinac Bridge which was insane. If you know me at all you know I am obsessed with fog.

Once we arrived to the Kewadin Casino and hotel, the fun began. We went right in, they didn’t even check my ID. The first slots we played just ate our money, no luck. Not looking good for me on my birthday. After browsing around the machines I spotted one that fit my vibe and style called Gastly Ghosts or something of the sort and it ended up being the one for me

We started to watch Food Network and talking shit about contestants on Chopped and being silly, which was fun 🙂 I ended up passing out sometime after 4am. Who needs sleep when you are on vacation? That would be the end to a fantastic birthday with more adventures to come…

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    Sounds fun:)

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