CLASH Wrestling Live

Ahh what a long day it was yesterday!  I had a long day of work and unloading the entire stores delivery didn’t help much  I was exhausted and did not feel like doing anything!  Especially run around doing photos for a few hours.  After resting for a few hours I felt better and once we arrived I could feel the excited and nervous energy in the air.  Everyone was hyped to wrestling in front of Jaimy Noble.  I was super excited once we arrived and saw the lighting!  It was wayyyy better than the usual lights, I knew it was gonna be a night for nice photos!


IMG_8577IMG_8588 IMG_8592 IMG_8623IMG_8632IMG_8700IMG_8714IMG_8727IMG_8744

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You outdid yourself. These are as good as it gets! Thank you.

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