In A Rut

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“Artistic block feels much more like a wall that comes between you & your soul’s expression – sometimes with such force that the world isn’t quite right again until that feeling is lifted and your creativity has returned.”

Time to be honest…I have been in such an artistic slump for some months now.  I haven’t been enjoying and photos or art I’ve created and have been feeling stagnate and quite honestly bored.  I’m not really sure why I’ve been feeling like this.  Maybe I am just burnt out of doing the same things.  I’ve been trying to come up with new concepts to work with to reignite the fire of my artistic soul.  It is hard to do when your passion is dulled and the world doesn’t share the same vision as you.  I like to create dark and moody things which should be obvious by now.  I feel like I may be on the way out of this slump (I sure hope so)  It’s awful when the thing that is your outlet is not working as a release.  It just adds more frustration than daily life already provides.

The other day I tried out some more self portraits which are always interesting.  It’s hard to look at your own photo subjectively.  I attempted to do some Halloween inspired photos with make up and all.  I discovered that face painting is not my forte.  Props to those of you who are talented at that.  However, mid-wash I looked in the mirror and liked the result…I feel that these photos portray my dismay for my lack of inspiration for art.

img_7654 img_7657

These photos represent me burning myself alive for not being able to do what I love to do best. The struggle of being a perfectionist and an artist will be the cause of my success and my demise.



I’m pretty happy with how these photos turned out and am hoping it will be the turning point in my current state. Send me some artistic vibes and good luck!

3 Responses to “In A Rut”

  1. Anonymous says:

    😥 Cheer up 🐓 Butt . Lots of 💚 Always .

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is sooooo intense. I don’t want to see you look so unhappy:(
    But on the plus side. Great work <3

  3. E. Honaker says:

    This is very impressive. You are great at showing your frustration.

    I do this type of art myself and everyone thinks I am suicidal 🙂 LOL

    They do not understand art. YOU obviously get it!!

    Love your work.

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