Life Update

Life has been pretty hectic as of late. The worst of my problems is that my camera is currently broken and I am lost without it. It couldn’t have come at a worse time (besides the fact that it happened a match into a wrestling show) I have been struggling with my depression and anxiety majorly. Photography is my escape from that and it’s been taken away. Hopefully, with the help of my very kind wrestling peers I will be able to solve that issue.

Anyways, onto something else. I finally got around to getting my haircut and you know what that means….new hair color yayyy. Back to my nature roots I go.

(Hey maybe the green will bring me luck or money for my camera 😉 )


Feel free to leave your thoughts and wishes….

Until next time…

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    I don’t know you personally but I’m a photographer too and I think you are beautiful! Maybe we will meet someday! Probably not but could happen lol Anyway seriously you do amazing work!!

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