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Yessss, finally a weekend with no plans or obligations!  I surprisingly woke up at 10am which is very weird for me since I always sleep past 12:30 on weekends (getting up at 5am Mon-Fri does that to you)  I woke up ready for an adventure out in nature!  I got Mom up and running we managed to get out of the house and on the road by 12:45.  Nothing is better than riding in the car with awesome tunes blaring and the wind in my hair, it makes me feel so alive.  We arrived at our destination before 2pm and got moving.


This was our first hike since everything had really bloomed this year (that’s sad). It was so nice to be out in the breeze, smelling all of the fresh flowers and hearing all of the birds chirping. My soul was instantly calm, no bad feelings whatsoever.





We walked several different trails and many miles which was awesome! All of the trails had their own unique charm to them. Its crazy how different trees and plants can look from only an hour away from home.


I sooo wanted to scoop this little guy up and take him home, but I resisted and just settled for him being my model! I miss having toads, they are so entertaining to watch!


Okay tree….you do you….


I found it very odd to find keys hooked on a tree in the middle of the woods. They’ve obviously been there for a while by their condition. I was trying to convince Mom that she would have bad luck if she touched them hahaha.



Creepy little bastard

After walking for a few hours Mom and I got hungry so we headed to the nearest Chili’s 🙂 My favorite 🙂 I was pretty bummed that I could not get my favorite burger because of a damn ulcer in my mouth making my life hell. I decided to get a yummy garlic butter steak which was awesome! The food was super good 🙂


Now that we had stuffed our faces it was off to another destination for more nature and hiking! Let’s pretend that we didn’t get lost in a traffic circle 5 times on the way there….Once we finally arrived we headed out and the Golden Hour had just begun<3<3





At this point we had somehow gotten off track of our trail and had no idea where we were. We wandered around trying to find out which way to go and I sure as HELL wasn’t going passed these demon creatures!!!


We decided to take a seat on a picnic table for a nice rest and to enjoy the breeze and sunshine before heading back to find our way. It was so peaceful until I kept hearing an annoying beeping sound. I didn’t know what it was until I saw this loser medal detecting in the middle of the park…IMG_9810 He legit had knee pads, a tiny shovel and everything. I wonder if he wonders why he is all alone…..I know the answer! Anyways, we left to find our way back and to get away from that douche. We failed to find it a few more times but eventually went the right direction. Yay us! Just in time for the sun to set! Overall it was a really fun day! Can’t wait for all of my adventures next weekend for my birthday!


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    Breathtaking Pictures! Absolutely beautiful, makes you feel like you are there. Very entertaining description of the day as well:)

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