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Thursday afternoon my buddy Matt and I were on a mission to have some type of adventure. We weren’t really sure where or what we wanted to do, just that we needed to experience some thing new. That is more difficult than it seems considering I have pretty much hiked everywhere in the state over the years. He thought of a private beach with a woods trail so we headed there.

While it was a fun little walk, it wasn’t quite the adventure we were seeking. We started to look up more local places to adventure and ended up heading to Ypsilanti to a place we had never been prior. This place looked like it had promise and it sure did. It was gorgeous. There were so many types of trees and I was fangirling hard about being around some Birch trees…can’t imagine why šŸ˜‰

One with the elements

The entire time we were hiking, my soul was just exploding with passion for nature. I desire to sleep under the trees and awake to the stars and planets in the early morning sky along with the freshly dewed grass. Smell the coolness in the morning air and watch and listen to the world awaken with me.

Left or right? Only you can decide

Save the bees!



BIRCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIRCHES EVERYWHERE….if only there were Joel Birchs everywhere

IT’S THE ILLUMINATI :O They are watching your every move….

It must be cool to be a cicada, to just shed off all the dead shit that you’re stuck living with. I’m a little jealous…but they are still gross looking.

Overall, I’d say adventure day was a success. This new park was gorgeous and definitely somewhere I will be visiting again so stay posted for more soon!

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