Silver Lake State Park

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My friend Matt and I had been talking about how we were sick of the daily grind of working our asses off every week and decided we needed a break. He suggested that we go to the sand dunes because he had been wanting to go. I of course was down with that because one, I needed a break and two, I knew I could get sick photos. I had been to these dunes back in 2011 and my photos are LEAPS AND BOUNDS better now than they were then so I was eager to see what I could capture. Surprisingly, I stayed awake on the 4 hr trip there after working all day (probably because I hogged the radio the whole time haha)

Along the road we came across a dude picking that fresh lettuce for McDonalds…. :’D

We got there sometime after 6pm and had just enough time to hike around a bit (and by hike I mean struggle and half die trying to climb up the sand) before sunset. There weren’t too many people left there since it was late in the evening which was nice! My favorite thing that I saw was the trees that somehow have survived in the sand and intense sandstorms that occur here.

I was fascinated by the dead trees as well. Any kind of tree there is, I will love it no matter what it’s form is.

We ended up climbing up to the top of the biggest hill in the area and chilling at the top for a while. Good thing I had sunglasses on because that wind was sure blowing sand in my face. My whole body ended up covered in sand regardless lol.

Overall, it was a great and relaxing time in the sand! I can’t wait to go back and have some more time to explore!

The next day on the way home, we stopped by the beach to enjoy some sunshine and waves. *insert something about long walks on the beach here*

Here are some phone photos aka photos of me because I am a ham…and apparently like to spread my arms?

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