Summer Randoms

Haven’t had a chance to go on an adventure to write about so I figured I’d take some photos that never have been seen before and post those 😉 enjoy!

Bloody photoshoot outtake. My room. 8/13/2017

Crazzy Steve winning the #1 contender’s contract. Freedom Pro Wrestling. 8/19/2017

Ducks feeding in the lake. Ohio. 7/22/2017

Willow being adorable. My room. 8/13/2017

Vahdinok’s first day home. My room. 8/4/2017

Mom in her element. Ohio. 7/22/2017

Random photo shoot outtake. My room. 6/12/2017

Millipede. Hocking Hills. 5/28/2017

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  1. A Big Fan of Your Work says:

    Super Cool Pictures !
    I look forward to each time you post.

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